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Some years ago in faraway Norway

Май 18, 2018

🌲 They were the first days of January, New year and Christmas holidays time, my friends and I were on our way to Grand Canaria, Spain. We had a stop in Oslo, Norway for 24 hours. We didn’t have an accommodation for that night, coz everything was booked up. Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world and we couldn’t afford ourselves to have a posh hotel there. We rented a car and just drove around the city, checked sightseeing and headed for suburb of the capital in the evening.

⏰ It was pretty late already and dark, we were driving for some hours and almost falling asleep, we tried to find any hostel or guest house, but most of them were closed due to Christmas holidays. We parked at one big country hotel in hope to find any room for sleeping. Our friend got out of the car to talk with a receptionist while we were waiting outside. I still remember the look of that hotel, it was night, there was lots of snow everywhere on the street, on the parking, on the roof of the hotel.. It was kind of fairy tale and that hotel was like a fairy house drowning in Christmas lights.

💁 The woman at the reception let us sleep in the lobby. There were many soft couches and we were happy to sleep on them. We had a nap for 3-4 hours, then woke up quietly and set out to the airport. In several hours we already enjoyed the sun and the sea in Grand Canaria and didn’t think about the previous crazy night.

🙂 About 5 or maybe 6 years have passed since that night, but I still remember that woman and her kindness to us, and always recall Norway with a smile.

👉 Every single time I travel somewhere I meet unbelievable kind and open people who are eager to help you and don’t want to get anything back. It turns over my life, my mind, my world and teaches me to do the same.

🙌 Thanks for reading my article.
Polina Chervova

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